Import, export, trial and storage of explosives

You must notify or report on a range of explosives related activities, including:

  • before you import or export explosives
  • when storing or interacting with stored explosives at explosive storage facilities and government magazines
  • when there are changes to buildings and vehicles related to the storage or transport of explosives
  • after conducting an explosive trial.

This page explains how to meet your notification and reporting obligations under Queensland explosives legislation. Download a flowchart of reporting requirements for explosives (PDF, 130KB).

Who this applies to

These requirements apply to holders of the following explosives authorities and persons:

  • Licence to store explosives
  • Licence to manufacture explosives
  • Licence to transport explosives
  • Persons dealing with explosives

How to lodge your notices and reports

The tables below show what you need to submit and how to do it. If you need more help:

Report/notice and legislation When to lodge How to lodge
Notice (by authority holder) to Chief Inspector to import explosives
(EA1 s. 37)
Before import date (preferably at least 7 days)

Submit online using the import of explosives notification form

Notice (by authority holder) to Chief Inspector to export explosives
(EA s. 37)
Before export date (preferably at least 7 days) Submit online using the export of explosives notification form
Written report (by holder of trial) on explosives trial
(ER2 s. 18)
As soon as practicable after trial is completed Email report to Chief Inspector Explosives at
Notice (by authority holder) of proposed building or vehicle changes
(ER s. 44)
Before making the change Contact the nearest regional office and ask for the 'Alter licence details' form for your authority
Notice of changes (by relevant holder) to explosives storage facility (ER s. 110)3 As soon as practicable after the change occurs Email notice to Chief Inspector Explosives at
Notice requesting to store explosive at a government magazine
(ER s. 117)
Before storing or undertaking activity in relation to stored explosive Submit online using the request to store explosives at a government magazine form
Notice of transfer of ownership of explosives stored at a government magazine
(ER s. 126)
Immediately following the sale or transfer Email notice to the manager of the government magazine

1 EA: Explosives Act 1999
2 ER: Explosives Regulation 2017
3 Note: You must advise us of any change in quantities of stored explosives by lodging an 'Alter licence details' form.