Fireworks displays - notification requirements

You must notify us before you conduct a fireworks display. You must also give notice after a display, including information about any malfunction or incident that occurred during the display.

This page explains how to meet your notification obligations under Queensland explosives legislation.

Note: Fireworks displays can only be conducted by authorised fireworks contractors. If you are not a fireworks contractor you cannot conduct a display in Queensland.

Who this applies to

  • Fireworks contractor for a fireworks display
  • Display host for a fireworks display

How to lodge your notices

The table below shows what you need to submit and how to do it. If you need more help refer to the:

Report/notice and legislation When to lodge How to lodge
Notice (by fireworks contractor) of proposed fireworks display
(ER1 s. 169)
At least 7 days before the display Submit online using the Fireworks display notification form
Notice (by fireworks contractor) after fireworks display
(ER s. 171)
Within 7 days after the display Submit online using the Fireworks post display notification form

1ER: Explosives Regulation 2017