How to apply for a gaming employee licence

You can apply for a licence to work in the Queensland gaming through the LGFT online portal.

Find out how to complete and submit forms using the portal.


You must pay an application fee before we can process your application. Check the gaming licence fees.

You can't send credit card details by email. When we receive your application, we'll contact you for payment over the phone.

Supporting documents

You must submit supporting documents with your application. You can upload them to your online application or email to:

Make sure your name (or online reference number, if you have one) is clearly marked on each supporting document.

Read more about the ID documents new applicants must provide.

Assessment process

Once we receive your application, we'll investigate your suitability to be a gaming employee. You can expect the assessment to take about 6 weeks to process.

If your application is approved, we'll post your gaming employee licence to you.

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