Gambling harm minimisation

Read the Gambling harm minimisation plan for Queensland 2021–25, which is a shared plan of action for government, industry and the community to reduce harm from gambling.

Gambling providers have a responsibility under the Queensland responsible gambling code of practice and relevant legislation to provide customers with information on how to get help for problems with gambling.

The Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (OLGR) works closely with Queensland's gambling industry and the gambling help services to develop campaigns that focus on:

  • early intervention and prevention
  • consumer protection
  • help services for people experiencing problems with gambling.

Awareness campaigns and materials

Current community awareness efforts include the annual Queensland Gambling Harm Awareness Week (held 18–24 July 2022), and a campaign called 'When gambling took over', which aims to reduce the stigma associated with problem gambling, identify the signs of problem gambling and encourage people to seek help. Read more about this campaign and find supporting resources.

'Let's start yarning about gambling' is another campaign that aims to raise awareness about gambling harm among young people and adults in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. Research shows First Nations communities experience higher rates of gambling harm and lower rates of help-seeking than non-First Nations populations. The campaign's goal is to start a conversation about what constitutes safe and unsafe gambling, while also reducing stigma and encouraging people to seek help. It provides resources, tips and ideas on how to manage problem gambling.

Harm minimisation campaigns are informed by gambling research, including the Queensland household gambling survey. This survey measures gambling participation and the prevalence of at-risk and problem gambling in the community.

Signage and artwork

To help you with your signage compliance obligations, OLGR provides artwork (for posters and LCD screens) for you to use free of charge to display in your venue. You can also order printed materials to be mailed out to you free of charge, or contact your local gambling help service for copies of the posters.

Translated gambling help brochures

A 'Give your gambling a health check' gambling help brochure is available for Queensland's culturally and linguistically diverse communities seeking help for themselves or their friends and relatives.

The brochure is published in the following languages:

About the 'When gambling took over…' campaign

Gambling providers across Queensland support the 'When gambling took over…' campaign.

This campaign targets gamblers experiencing gambling harm and their family, friends and colleagues, and aims to raise awareness of the signs of problem gambling, reduce stigma through storytelling and encourage gamblers to seek help.

Allen, Louise and David, the people featured in the campaign, tell their real life stories of when gambling became a problem for them, how they made the decision to seek help and how this decision changed their lives.

The campaign directs people to Gambling Help Queensland to watch these stories and provides at-risk gamblers and their friends and family members with information on how to get support.

People experiencing problems with gambling can:

Download 'When gambling took over...' campaign materials

To educate your customers, download and display the 'When gambling took over…' signs in your venue, or order free resources online.

You can also view the stakeholder kit, which includes campaign images and content for newsletters and social media that you can share with your networks.

Gambling research

Read gambling research to understand the issues affecting your patrons and local community and help develop practices that minimise gambling harm in and around your venue.

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