Gaming forms and fees

Use the following forms when applying for gaming licences, or charitable and non-profit gaming licences and permits. These forms will also be useful when complying with your legal requirements as a licensee or permit holder, including gambling-related exclusions.

Fees are current as of 1 July 2023. (This includes fees related to machine gaming, charitable and non-profit gaming, wagering, lotteries, Keno and casinos.)

To pay your liquor and gaming licence fees and charges, log in to the OLGR Client Portal using your unique login key.

Note: OLGR will not accept credit card details by fax or email, including PDF attachments. If an email is received with credit card details, it will be deleted immediately and your form will not be processed. This is in accordance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.

Gaming licensing and compliance forms

Gaming licensing fees and charges