Identification for online licence applications

When you apply online for an approval or licence to work as an employee in the liquor or gaming industry, you will be asked to supply personal information to help verify your identity. This eliminates the need to mail copies of your identification (ID) documentation to the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (OLGR) and reduces the time taken to process your application.

The ID documentation required to verify your identity online is:

  • one (1) legible copy of ID from Category A
  • and
  • one (1) other copy of ID from either Category A or B from the list below.
Category A examples Category B examples
Australian passport Phone book (White Pages)
Employment visa (foreign passport) Australian electoral roll
Queensland driver licence/proof-of-age card Optus account
ACT (Canberra) driver licence Medicare card
South Australia driver licence Medibank private health insurance
Victorian driver licence Queensland University of Technology graduates
Western Australia driver licence Other databases such as: property owners/residents file, phone transaction history

Privacy and security

  • Personal information is collected to help verify identity and to prove that individuals are who they say they are.
  • The only information collected is the data required to verify the individual.
  • OLGR will protect the personal information of users and prevent the use or disclosure of personal information without the consent of the individual.

If your ID cannot be verified online

If your ID cannot be verified online, you will need to provide copies of your ID documents either by post or in-person to your nearest OLGR office.

The ID documentation required is:

  • one (1) legible copy of ID from Category A
  • and
  • one (1) other copy of ID from either Category A or B from the list below.

ID provided must be current and must be clearly marked with your name and reference number (located on the top right of the notice to pay).

Category A Category B
Australian passport Australian birth certificate
International passport International birth certificate
Driver licence (must provide a copy of front and back of licence if change of address is shown on the back) Australian debit or credit card (must provide copy of front and back of card showing signature)
Proof-of-age card issued by an Australian state or territory (including 18+ cards) Tertiary education identity card with photo (e.g. student card)
  Medicare card
  Government-issued identify card with photo
  Centrelink pension card

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