Managing liquor and gaming employee licences and approvals online

Our updated online services hub, which also provides services for the Office of Fair Trading – the LGFT hub – will help applicants and current licensees to manage their liquor and gaming licences online, including:

  • submitting individual employee licence applications or renewals
  • pay an outstanding amount.

Access LGFT hub

The services hub allows you to apply for the following licence types:

  • Liquor approved manager (new and renewal)
  • Gaming nominee (new and renewal)
  • Gaming repairer (new and renewal)
  • Key monitoring employee (new and renewal)
  • Wagering key person (new)
  • Keno employee (new)
  • Lottery key person (new)
  • Casino Employee (new)
  • Casino Key Employee (new)
  • Approved Controller (new and renewal).

Get started

Select the form you want to use from the tiles on the services hub page to start the process. For a renewal application, you will need to enter an OLGR-issued licence or approval number to access our online services. This can be found on your licence card.

You will also be asked to create a Queensland Government (QGov) account. If you already have one, simply log in.

Once you create a QGov account and confirm your identity, your form will be pre-filled and you may not be required to submit identity documents with your application. This means the information you have previously given us is automatically filled in, saving you time and energy.

Learn more about QGov accounts and the benefits of signing up.

Link your QGov account to OLGR

For existing Office of Liquor, Gaming and Fair Trading (OLGR) licence holders, once you have created a QGov account, we need you to confirm you are who you say you are.

When submitting a renewal application for the first time, we will ask you a series of questions based on information we already hold about you and if you answer correctly, your QGov account will be linked to your licence or approval and you’ll be able to see your personal data when you access the form. New applications will be automatically linked.

You only have to prove your identity once – next time, you can log in and get started straight away.

You don't have to create a QGov account to submit your form online. You can choose to lodge these forms online using a non-pre-filled public form.

Enhance your QGov account to receive pre-filled forms

If our database doesn't hold enough information about you to confirm your identity, we can't link your account to OLGR and you will not get a pre-filled form.

You will need to contact OLGR on 1300 072 322 to discuss how to upgrade your account .

Technical information

You can use our services hub on the latest version of common browsers.

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 and above
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Apple Safari

Our services hub also supports the following mobile browsers, so you can access our services from your device:

  • Safari (Apple iOS-based devices such as iPhone and iPad)
  • Android Browser (Android-based devices such as Samsung Galaxy)
  • Google Chrome Mobile (Apple and Android devices).

If you are having problems on a mobile device, we recommend you try a different device or browser if possible.

Pop-ups are used within the services hub – make sure pop-ups are enabled before you start.


General enquiries 13 QGOV (13 74 68)

  • Licence and permit enquiries

1300 072 322

  • Gaming compliance enquiries

  • Liquor compliance enquiries

  • Media enquiries (07) 3738 8555