Submitting liquor and gaming employee licence applications online

The Liquor, Gaming and Fair Trading (LGFT) online portal helps applicants and licensees:

  • submit individual employee licence applications or renewals online
  • pay outstanding employee application fees online.

Access the LGFT online portal

You can use the online portal to apply for the following licence types:

  • liquor approved manager (new and renewal)
  • gaming nominee (new and renewal)
  • gaming repairer (new and renewal)
  • key monitoring employee (new and renewal)
  • wagering key person (new)
  • Keno employee (new)
  • lottery key person (new)
  • casino employee (new)
  • casino key employee (new)
  • approved controller (new and renewal).

Use pre-filled forms

The more information you share with us, the better your experience will be using the online portal.

To access pre-filled forms, select the form you want to use from the tiles on the online portal home page. The forms you can choose from include:

  • Liquor or gaming individual renewal application
  • Liquor or gaming new application
  • Liquor, Gaming and Fair Trading make a payment.

For renewals, enter an Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (OLGR) issued licence number. This can be found on your licence card.

Select Continue.

You'll be asked to login with a QLD digital ID. A QLD digital ID gives you access to the hundreds of services online offered by the Queensland Government. You can do this using either:

Learn more about QGov accounts and the benefits of signing up.

Verifying your identity to connect with your LGFT record

You'll then be asked to give more identification documents to connect your identity with our records. Follow the instructions as you complete the online form.

If you can't complete the whole form now, you can save it and return to it within 72 hours.

Once you've taken the step to connect your identity with our records:

  • your forms will be pre-filled with your details
  • you won't need to submit any further identification documents unless something changes.

This will save you time and effort.

Using forms that aren't pre-filled

You don't have to use a QLD digital ID (i.e. a QGov account or myGovID) to submit a form online. You can choose to submit a 'public form' instead. You'll still be able to complete it online, but the difference is your details won't be pre-filled.

To do it this way, select the form you want to use from the tiles on the online portal. Then select the Public form button.

If you can't complete the whole form now, you can save it and return to it within 72 hours.

Identity verification for new applicants

New applicants will need to provide 100 points of ID from the documents in this list. One must be a primary document and at least 1 must show your photo and 1 your signature.

  • passport
  • Australian citizenship certificate
  • immiCard (permanent resident)
  • Australian driver licence
  • birth certificate/extract
  • international driver licence
  • government issued proof of age card
  • tertiary student photo ID
  • public service employee ID card
  • social security card
  • marriage certificate
  • divorce documents
  • change of name
  • Medicare card

To provide these documents, you can:

All documents must be current and clearly marked with your name and reference number (found on the top right of the notice to pay).

Supporting documents

You can upload supporting documents as you complete our forms online.

The maximum upload size for all documents combined is 19MB and file types are limited to PDF, JPG, GIF, PNG or BMP formats.

Make sure your name (or online reference number, if you have one) is clearly marked on each document.

If you can’t upload everything now, you can save the form and return to it later (within 72 hours).

Once you submit the form, you can't upload further documents. Instead, you'll have to email them to: Include your name and online reference number in the email.

Technical information

To use the online portal, you'll need the latest version of common browsers. Make sure pop-ups are enabled before you start.

The online portal is also accessible on your mobile phone or tablet. If you're having problems on a device, we recommend trying a different device or browser.

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