Running acceptable practices and promotions involving alcohol at licensed venues

You are required by law to encourage responsible drinking when serving, supplying and promoting alcohol at your licensed premises.

Practices to encourage responsible drinking

Apply practices that encourage responsible drinking at your venue, including:

  • having non-alcoholic and low alcohol beverages available
  • supplying alcohol in standardised quantities that can be recognised by patrons such as serving spirits in nips, using glasses or jugs with measured quantities, and supplying alcohol in labelled pre-packaged containers
  • serving patrons half measures of spirits on request.

Minimising harm while running promotions

Plan and manage all promotional activities to ensure they don't jeopardise the safety of patrons or disturb the amenity of the nearby area.

Measures to minimise alcohol-related harm can include:

  • providing free food and water to patrons
  • offering alternative non-alcoholic beverages
  • limiting the number of drinks that can be purchased on each visit to the bar
  • monitoring for and managing against stockpiling of drinks
  • limiting the duration of the promotion while also ensuring that this does not result in patrons drinking more rapidly within that period
  • employing additional staff (e.g. RSA marshalls) to monitor the consumption of alcohol during the course of the promotion
  • limiting the number of discounted drinks that each patron is eligible for (e.g. providing a ticket to each patron for 2 discounted drinks)
  • limiting the duration of the promotion
  • placing limits on the number of drinks any one person can purchase during the promotion.

Learn more from sections 142ZZA and 142ZZB of the Liquor Act 1992.

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