Responsible service of alcohol marshals

Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) marshals assist licensees to ensure patrons at their licensed venue consume alcohol responsibly and are not supplied with liquor if they are unduly intoxicated.

The role of an RSA marshal

RSA marshals are RSA-trained staff members who work with other venue staff, including managers, bar staff, floor staff and crowd controllers to ensure RSA compliance is upheld. They should be easily identifiable to patrons who may approach them if they require assistance.

RSA marshals do not perform the duties of a crowd controller, therefore engaging RSA marshals at your venue does not remove any obligation you have relating to engaging licensed crowd controllers.

The responsibilities of an RSA marshal

RSA marshal responsibilities include:

  • actively communicating with licensed crowd controllers, bar staff, floor staff and management to implement the licensee's practices and procedures for dealing with unduly intoxicated or disorderly patrons
  • supporting all venue staff in upholding RSA practices
  • observing patrons to identify irresponsible drinking behaviours, such as rapidly or excessively consuming alcohol
  • encouraging and assisting patrons to monitor or control their consumption of alcohol at the early signs of intoxication, for example by slowing their rate of consumption or consuming non-alcoholic or low alcohol drinks
  • monitoring patrons for signs of undue intoxication, including those who may be receiving alcohol from their friends
  • ensuring patrons have access to free water and are encouraged to consume water between, or instead of, alcoholic drinks
  • providing a visual presence to patrons and support for bar staff and management of the licensed premises.

If you expand the role of an RSA marshal to include responsibilities other than those listed above, it may trigger the requirement for a crowd controller licence under the Security Providers Act 1993.

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