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Complying with crowd controller requirements for licensed venues

Licensed crowd controllers may be required to screen patrons entering and exiting the premises. They also control patron behaviour in and around the premises to ensure the safety of patrons and staff.

A licensed premises that engages a crowd controller must maintain a register to record which crowd controllers are on duty and any incidents that occur. Crowd controllers must sign in and out at each shift. You may be asked to produce this during a compliance inspection.

Crowd controller requirements for venues in the Brisbane City Council area

Within the Brisbane City Council (BCC) area, crowd controllers must maintain order in and around the licensed premises:

  • from 11pm on nights when the premises trades after 1am
  • for at least 1 hour after the premises closes.

When venues remain open after liquor consumption and sales have ceased (for example to provide gaming or entertainment to patrons) crowd controller requirements still apply.

Licensees that trade after 1am within the Brisbane City Council (BCC) area must comply with crowd controller to patron ratios under the Liquor Regulation 2002. (This condition does not apply on nights where the premises close by 1am.)

Number of patrons at licensed premises

Number of crowd controllers required on premises











Every 250 patrons over 500 patrons (or part thereof)

+ 1 (minimum) additional

Crowd controller requirements for venues outside the Brisbane City Council area

Licensees operating outside of the BCC area must comply with crowd controller requirements as per the conditions of their individual licences. Your licence will be checked during a compliance inspection to ensure the conditions are being met.

Employing licensed crowd controllers

When employing any crowd controllers, ensure that they:

  • are licensed under the Security Providers Act 1993
  • dress in a way that distinguishes them from the crowd while working on the premises (for venues within the BCC area)
  • have completed responsible service of alcohol (RSA) training (for venues within the BCC area).

Note: It is best practice to employ security staff that have completed responsible service of alcohol (RSA) training and who dress in a manner that distinguishes them from patrons, whether the licensed premises is in the BCC area or not.

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