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Penalties for allowing unduly intoxicated patrons to obtain or consume alcohol

Under the Liquor Act 1992, it is an offence to sell or supply liquor to an unduly intoxicated person. It is also an offence to allow unduly intoxicated persons to consume liquor on licensed premises.

If you observe a customer is buying drinks for an unduly intoxicated friend, advise them it is against the law for them to supply that friend with alcohol. Friends who supply liquor to an unduly intoxicated person can face heavy fines, along with the licensee or staff for allowing it to happen.

The penalties listed below are current as at 1 July 2019. This value changes each year. (Due to coronavirus (COVID-19), penalty units are not changing for 2020–21.)

Penalties for licensed venue staff and employers


Supplying alcohol to an unduly intoxicated person

$66,725 for the licensee, permit holder or approved manager

$10,676 for any other person

Allowing the supply of alcohol to an unduly intoxicated person

Allowing an unduly intoxicated person to consume alcohol

Read more about penalties for irresponsible service of alcohol.

Penalties for patrons

Penalties apply for the patron too, so by removing them from the premises you are doing them a favour!


Drunk person on licensed premises


Unduly intoxicated person refusing to leave a licensed premises


Unduly intoxicated person attempting to enter a licensed premises after being refused entry


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