Checking identification (ID)—RSA refresher course

Have you already completed your Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) training and need a quick refresher?

This course helps you to refresh and test your knowledge about:

  • when you should ask for identification (ID)
  • forms of ID you can accept in Queensland
  • how to properly check ID
  • what to do if you think someone is underage
  • when you should refuse entry
  • fines you and the licensee can face if minors are allowed to drink on your licensed premises.

Read the information, review the links, then take the quiz to see how much you've remembered.

Note: This course is designed to help hospitality workers refresh their knowledge about the responsible service of alcohol. It doesn't replace RSA training and certification.

Acceptable forms of ID

The Liquor Act 1992 specifies the forms of personal ID that licensees, staff and security can rely on when checking a person's age.

Read about the forms of:

Penalties for allowing minors on premises and underage drinking

Read about:

ID scanning in safe night precincts

Licensees in safe night precincts (SNPs) must operate ID scanners at each entry to their licensed premises (unless they're exempt from this requirement).

Learn more about the use of ID scanners in licensed venues and scanning digital ID.

How to check ID

The best way to protect yourself and your staff from being fined is to be strict about checking every young patron for valid ID, showing their legal age (excluding exempt minors).

Read about:

If you have any doubts about the person being at least 18, refuse entry and refuse service.

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Confiscating ID

It is illegal for someone to try to enter licensed premises or buy alcohol using false ID.

You should confiscate any hard copy ID you suspect is fake, defaced or doesn't belong to the patron. Send the ID to the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (OLGR) with a completed ID confiscation report.

A legitimate owner of the physical ID could reclaim it by contacting OLGR.

You mustn't confiscate a phone or device even if it displays a digital ID that concerns you. The Liquor Act doesn't allow, or require, licensees to do so.

Record the details and report the information on the ID confiscation report.

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