Use of ID scanners at licensed venues

Some licensees approved to permanently trade past 12 midnight in safe night precincts will be required to operate networked ID scanners from 10pm.

Introduction of networked ID scanners

Any licensed venue that permanently trades past 12 midnight within a safe night precinct is required to have a networked ID scanner installed and operating by 1 July 2017, (unless the venue is operating under an exempt class of licence).

Details on the operational requirements, when they will be available through a Queensland Government-approved operator, and privacy obligations, will be available in the near future.

Licensees will be contacted directly when these details become available. You can also check here regularly for updated information, or subscribe to the Responsible Service Newsletter to receive updates.

Approved operators of ID scanning systems

A licensee who must have networked ID scanners will need to contract an 'approved operator'. Approved operators are independent providers of networked ID scanning systems that have been evaluated and approved. This process is similar to a licensed monitoring operator for gaming machines.

An approved operator will receive banning data and transmit this information to each of the licensed venues ID scanners.

As at 28 January 2016, the Commissioner has approved the following companies as approved operators:

More approved operators of networked ID scanning systems will be published here as they become approved.

Applications for approved operators of ID scanning systems

Eligible companies can apply to become approved operators of mandatory network scanners.

The Commissioner will determine if approved operator applicants are suitable and a probity process will apply.

Technical requirements for ID scanners

ID scanner suppliers or manufacturers can apply to become approved operators of ID scanning systems. Or they may choose to only supply approved networkable ID scanner equipment.

All equipment must be evaluated and approved according to OLGR's identification scanning systems minimum technical requirements. All venues must ensure only approved equipment is installed. OLGR will provide advice to relevant licensees about approved ID scanners and a list of approved operators and equipment will be maintained on the Queensland Government website.

Obtaining equipment and network services

As a licensee, you have to buy or lease your approved ID scanning equipment from a supplier or manufacturer and then contract an approved operator (who provides networking services for the ID scanning system). Depending on the services being offered, a licensee may be able to obtain both the equipment and the network service from a single approved operator.

Privacy and information security

Approved operators and licensed venues will be required to comply with the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988 to safeguard the handling of personal information obtained through scanning of ID. You can download templates about ID scanning privacy considerations to display at your venue via Guideline 64: Privacy obligations for establishing and operating identification scanning systems for additional information.

Voluntary use of ID scanners

If your licensed premises is not required to install ID scanners, you may still choose to opt-in to the scheme. Such licensees can seek the approval of the Commissioner to endorse a condition on their liquor licence that declares the premises to be a regulated premises. On approval, you must use only approved networkable ID scanning equipment and contract an approved operator of ID scanning systems.