Refusing entry and ID scanning on re-entry

The law requires that a patron has their ID scanned when they first enter a regulated premises after 10pm, and every time they re-enter after that.

Refusing entry to a regulated premises

Under the Liquor Act 1992, you must refuse a patron entry to a regulated premises after 10pm (subject to certain exemptions) if:

  • the scan (or manual check) of the photo ID indicates the patron is subject to a banning order for the premises
  • the patron fails to produce current photo ID
  • a licensed crowd controller (or staff member supervised by a licensed crowd controller) of the regulated premises does not scan the photo ID using an approved ID scanner linked to an approved ID scanning system (or in the case of system failure, does not check the photo ID against the manual ban list).

Scanning ID on re-entry

A patron is not permitted to re-enter the regulated premises after 10pm without having their ID scanned. This applies regardless of whether a ‘pass-out stamp’ (or similar identifier that the patron has previously entered the premises) has been issued.

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