Digital ID

Many of the acceptable forms of ID are now available in a digital version. These include the Australia Post Keypass identity card (Keypass in Digital iD™) and the South Australian (SA) driver licence available through the MySA Gov app. The New South Wales (NSW) Government has also announced that digital licences will be available across NSW by the end of 2019.

Scanning digital ID

We are currently working with the approved operators so that ID scanners can accept digital ID. In the short term, if a patron presents a digital ID, you can either request to view a hard copy ID or enter the details of the digital ID manually as follows:

  • QikID - Select 'scan' (Australian/New Zealand) to initiate the scan. Select 'edit details' then enter the name and date of birth stated on the digital ID.
  • Scantek - Place a blank piece of paper or card in the scanner to initiate the scan. When a red flag appears select 'manual edit' and enter the name and date of birth stated on the digital ID.

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Checking digital ID

You are required to check that the digital ID is valid, as you would with hard copy ID. When checking digital ID, staff should:

  • compare the photo with the person presenting the ID
  • check that the date of birth confirms the person is over 18 years (some forms of ID can be issued to people under 18)
  • and
  • identify the security features of each type of ID and use the appropriate verification techniques.

Apps can be downloaded to verify each digital ID and the digital ID currently in use also have in-built security features to verify them. A 'shake-to-animate' feature on the digital South Australian driver's licence will animate the screen and display the time and date to show that the licence is not a screenshot. The Australia Post Keypass in Digital iD™ has a reanimation feature on the front screen as well as a QR code that refreshes every 5 seconds.

For more information on each digital ID and how they work, visit:

Image of smartphone displaying digital ID

Suspecting false ID and confiscating digital ID

If you are presented with a digital ID that you suspect is fake or doesn't belong to the person presenting it, complete and submit a confiscation report to the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation. Note: The confiscation report now includes both physical ID and digital ID issues.

Note: Unlike hard copy ID, you must not confiscate the phone or device even if it displays a digital ID that you have concerns about. The Liquor Act 1992 doesn't require, or allow, a licensee to do so.

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