Advertising alcohol prices and deals outside of licensed venues

As a licensee (including café and restaurant licensees) advertising any of the following outside of your licensed venue is prohibited:

  • free alcohol
  • multiple quantities of alcohol (e.g. 2-for-1 drinks)
  • a promotion that indicates that alcohol is available at a cheaper price than normally charged (e.g. happy hours).

Acceptable advertising alcohol prices outside your premises

Restaurants and any other subsidiary on-premises licensed premises with a principal activity of providing meals prepared and served to be eaten on the licensed premises can legally display their wine list and prices outside their premises.

All other licensees can only advertise the sale price of alcohol inside their licensed venue. This means people outside your venue must not be able to see or hear the advertising.

Advertising drink and meal packages

There are limitations on advertising drink and meal packages. Read the guideline on advertising drink and meal packages to understand what is acceptable.

Learn more from our alcohol advertising and promotions guide.

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