Penalties for illegal or unacceptable liquor practices, promotions and advertising

You have an obligation to make sure alcohol is supplied and promoted in ways that reduce harm and keep peace and order around your licensed venue.

It is an offence to:

  • encourage the rapid or excessive intake of alcohol (for a detailed list of examples, see unacceptable practices and promotions involving alcohol on licensed premises)
  • advertise any promotion likely to indicate that alcoholic drinks cost less than is usually charged
  • advertise outside your venue the
    • price of alcoholic drinks at your venue
    • availability of free alcoholic drinks or multiple drinks (e.g. 2-for-1 drinks).

Significant penalties apply to licensees or staff who do not promote or serve alcohol responsibly.

If someone is injured due to unsafe drinking practices in your venue, you risk additional fines, closure and civil action. Read Guideline 60: unacceptable liquor practices and promotions in licensed venues to learn which practices are unacceptable.

For licensees operating pubs or hotels in the Brisbane City Council area, there are extra regulations. View compliance for licensees in the Brisbane City Council area for more information.

The penalties listed below are current as at 1 July. The values change each year on this date.

Penalties for licensees or permit-holders


Engaging in (or allowing) an unacceptable practice or promotion

$15,480 per offence for the
licensee or permit holder

Failing to engage in responsible practices or promotions

Prohibited advertising

Learn more from our penalties for irresponsible service of alcohol guide.

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