Cancelling or revoking exclusion

As a gambling provider, you may only accept a revocation of a self-exclusion either within the 24-hour cooling off period or 1 year from the day after the exclusion was issued.

For a venue-initiated exclusion, you may only accept an application to revoke a patron's exclusion 1 year from the day after the exclusion was issued. Only 1 application may be made in any 12-month period.

As a condition of re-entry after an exclusion period, you may (with the patron's permission), actively monitor identified problems against agreed risk indicators.

How a patron can apply to cancel self-exclusion

If a patron changes their mind, you may be able to revoke their self-exclusion from your venue. But this can only be done:

  • within the 24-hour cooling-off period - using the correct form to do so, the patron must inform you within 24-hours of receiving the Form 3B: Self-exclusion order (this cancellation takes effect immediately once you receive the revocation notice)
  • after 12 months from the date of exclusion (revocation takes effect 28 days after the day the patron gives you the correct form).

To apply for a cancellation of self-exclusion from your venue, the patron must complete and lodge a Form 3C: Revocation notice - self-exclusion order with you.

How a patron can apply to cancel a venue-initiated exclusion

To cancel a venue-initiated exclusion, the patron must request cancellation at least 12 months after the date of exclusion. The patron must complete Form 3E: Application to revoke exclusion direction and lodge it with you.

You must consider the application and, within 28 days after receiving it, decide to revoke or refuse to revoke the direction.

If you fail to decide the application within 28 days, the failure is taken to be a decision to refuse to revoke the direction. In considering the application, you may have regard to the information supporting the application and any other information you consider relevant, including, for example, a report of a psychologist.

If you decide to revoke the direction, you must as soon as possible give the patron a Form 3F: Revocation notice - exclusion direction. A revocation notice takes effect when it is given to the patron.

If you decide to refuse to revoke the direction, you must as soon as possible give the patron a Form 3J: Information notice - refusal to revoke an exclusion direction.

Read the resource manual for your respective industry to find out more.

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