Processing patron-initiated self-exclusions

A patron can remotely set up a self-exclusion for 1 or more venues without having to physically enter a venue. They can do this through the State Government-funded Gambling Help Queensland service.

Patrons can make a personal commitment to creating safer gambling behaviours by excluding themselves from a gaming venue (or part of it), or a gambling activity or product. They can set this up in person at the venue, or remotely through Gambling Help Queensland.

Read the resource manual relevant to your industry for information on how to process self-exclusions.

In-person self-exclusions

If a patron wants to self-exclude from your venue (or the gaming area), you must help them complete the exclusion process. You should also give them the details of a gambling help service provider and offer to help them contact the service.

Use the in-person self-exclusion flowchart as a guide to processing in-person self-exclusions and follow these steps.

Step 1—Receive the application

Patrons applying to self-exclude in person must complete form 3A—self-exclusion notice and give it to you, the licensee, to process.

Let the patron know the self-exclusion will be in place for 5 years and can't be revoked in the first 12 months after they have received form 3B—self-exclusion order from you, except within a 24-hour cooling-off period.

Step 2—Complete a self-exclusion order

After you receive the application, you must complete form 3B—self-exclusion order and promptly give it to the patron in-person, or by email or post (you can be fined if you don't do this).

The 24-hour cooling-off period starts when you provide form 3B to the patron.

Remote self-exclusions through a Gambling Help service

If a customer asks you about remote self-exclusion, use the remote self-exclusion flowchart as a guide to help them.

You should refer them to their local Gambling Help Queensland service or the Gambling Helpline on 1800 858 858. Gambling Help Queensland provides free, confidential counselling and support across the state.

Remote self-exclusion follows the same process as in-person self-exclusion, and includes these additional steps:

  • verifying the person's identity
  • confirming the gambling help service is authorised to act on the person's behalf.

Remote self-exclusion allows the patron to self-exclude from multiple venues at once.

Gambling Help Queensland's role in processing remote self-exclusions

Read the step-by-step remote self-exclusions guide for information on the process Gambling Help Queensland will follow to assist patrons self-exclude remotely.

Gambling Help Queensland will send you the following documents:

They will ensure the patron understands what self-exclusion means, including that it will be in place for 5 years and can't be revoked within the first 12 months (except within an initial 24-hour cooling-off period). They will also help the patron identify other venues to exclude themselves from—generally, these will be close to their home or workplace (up to a maximum of 30 venues).

Your role in processing remote self-exclusions

Give Gambling Help Queensland the name and email address of a contact person at your venue to receive the self-exclusion documents.

Then, follow the same steps for in-person exclusions.

You need to complete and give form 3B—self-exclusion order to both the patron and the Gambling Help Queensland service provider. The 24-hour cooling-off period starts when you provide form 3B back to them.

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