Electronic gaming machines: compliance for licensees

All gaming machine licence holders are required to have a compliance program in place that meets minimum standards. These standards are meant to help licensees meet their compliance obligations under the Gaming Machine Act 1991.

If you are a gaming machine licensee, a compliance program document is vital. It contains specific details of your gaming-related compliance program, and the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (OLGR) will use it to make an initial assessment of whether your compliance program meets minimum standards.

Gaming machine licensees also have compliance obligations for signage that must be displayed on licensed premises—about gaming rules, cash payouts and gambling safely.

This guide:

  • outlines compliance obligations for gaming machine licence holders
  • describes minimum compliance standards that apply to hotels and clubs with gaming machines
  • includes a monthly self-assessment checklist that you can use to ensure you are meeting your compliance obligations
  • lists compliance forms and when you should use them.