Compliance signage for gaming machine licensees

Gaming machine licensees in Queensland must display signage on licensed premises about:

  • rules ancillary to gaming
  • cash payouts
  • gambling safely.

Rules ancillary to gaming

As part of compliance obligations, all gaming machine licensees must display the rules ancillary to gaming in each gaming area of their licensed premises.

Gaming machine cash payouts

Gaming machine licensees may set a cash payment limit up to a maximum of $5,000 or a lesser amount that best suits their requirements.

A maximum cash payout notice displaying the limit set by the licensee must be displayed next to the rules ancillary to gaming in each gaming area for the licensed premises.

Note: Licensees are required to pay all or part of the winnings by cheque if requested by a customer.

Player information and gambling signage

Under the Queensland responsible gambling code of practice and relevant legislation, gambling providers must provide certain information to their customers about the odds of winning and where to get help for gambling harm.

We have developed in-venue gambling signage that satisfies these requirements. Read more about compliance signage and other materials for gambling providers.

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