Gaming machine money clearing and reporting requirements

From 1 December 2022, hotel and club gaming machine licensees can take part in a 12-month trial to leave electronic gaming machine (EGM) doors open outside trading hours.

EGM doors can be left open only if banknote acceptors and/or coin receptacles (hoppers) are removed and stored in a secure location on the premises. This is expected to reduce theft from, and damage to, EGMs.

The trial doesn't change your obligations as a gaming licensee to clear money from all EGMs at your venue.

Read more about the trial in the gaming machine guideline and the statement of regulatory intent.

Regular money clearing requirements

A monthly money clearance must be carried out after close of electronic gaming machine (EGM) operations on the last day of each month and before re-starting EGM operations on the first day of the next month.

You must also carry out periodic money clearances of each EGM at least 4 times a month. This should be done every 10 days, at a minimum. (A monthly money clearance is considered one of the periodic money clearances.)

An EGM money clearance includes the removal of gaming tokens (including Australian currency), other than tickets, from within the EGM banknote acceptor, hopper and cabinet.

Audit requirements for gaming machines

For each of your licensed premises, you must maintain accounting records, including monthly EGM reconciliation reports and financial year audits. You must also complete a cash clearance report (form 40) immediately after performing an EGM money clearance.

Authority to open a gaming machine

The licensee or an employee, who is authorised to perform gaming duties under section 12 of the Gaming Machine Regulation 2002, is authorised to:

  • open an EGM
  • check gaming tokens inside an EGM
  • remove gaming tokens from an EGM banknote acceptor, hopper or cabinet.

Under section 27 of the Gaming Machine Regulation, a person who is authorised to unlock or open an EGM door must lock or securely close it again before leaving the EGM. However, until 30 November 2023, this requirement will be eased during the trial.

Licensees who decide to take part can leave EGM doors open outside trading hours, as long as all banknote acceptors and/or hoppers are removed and stored in a secure location.

Note: EGM doors must always be locked after returning the banknote acceptors and/or hoppers to the machine.

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