Electronic gaming machine power consumption

Power consumption is an important issue for Queensland's clubs and hotels, all of which have an interest in minimising power use and associated costs.

It is particularly important to minimise the amount of power used by electronic gaming machines (also known as poker machines). There are Queensland regulatory technical requirements that help you minimise power consumption.

Power save mode on electronic gaming machines

All new electronic gaming machines in Queensland clubs and hotels are required to have a 'power save' mode. Electronic gaming machines in power save mode have their power removed from any coin diverters, incandescent displays, monitors and all fluorescent lights. This helps reduce power consumption and associated costs. Power save mode extends to other related equipment such as most jackpot displays and controllers.

Power save mode for electronic gaming machines can be initiated by Queensland clubs and hotel venues during periods where gaming trading has ceased. This power save mode will initiate approximately 15 minutes after gaming trading has ended for the day.

For most electronic gaming machines, entering power save mode can significantly reduce the amount of power used by the machine. Savings are typically around 30-60% of power consumption when compared with normal operation.

When not in power save mode, and in an idle state, an electronic gaming machine's power consumption is only slightly lower than when it is in play.

Electricity usage and cost

Typically, Queensland electronic gaming machines have an average power consumption of 100-250 Watts. This figure varies depending on the type of machine, size, usage and the quality and number of monitors and other peripherals, including note and coin acceptors and hoppers. Generally, electronic gaming machines using larger monitors tend to have higher power consumption.

Power usage costs depend on a number of factors including the:

  • rate each venue is charged per kWh
  • number of operating hours
  • types of machines used.

Regulated retail electricity prices are determined by the Queensland Competition Authority (QCA). Read more about electricity prices in Queensland.

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