Community comment on gaming machine applications

Members of the community have the opportunity to comment on gaming machine licence applications. 'Community' includes people, businesses and organisations that are likely to be directly affected by the granting of the gaming machine licence.

Community comment is part of the application process for gaming machine licences. The Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (OLGR) must consider all comments before you are granted a licence.

Significant community impact

Under section 55C of the Gaming Machine Act 1991, all gaming machine applications considered to be of 'significant community impact' must be advertised for public comment. These include:

  • an application for a gaming machine licence, including an application to grant a gaming machine licence in place of a licence to be surrendered under section 95 of the Act
  • an application for additional licensed premises
  • an application to have the approved number of gaming machines for licensed premises increased by a significant number (to be fixed under a Regulation)
  • another application that the Commissioner designates, by written notice to the applicant, as an application of significant community impact.

Grounds for community comment

All comments are provided to the Commissioner for Liquor and Gaming, who will consider the following:

  • how the licence will contribute to, or detract from, a sense of community in the area
  • the anticipated effect the licence may have on the social integrity of the community
  • how the licence may affect those visiting a place of worship, child care centres, schools and community social services
  • the effect the licence could have on the amenity or the character of the locality
  • the number of supportive comments and negative comments - specific to gaming and the application - that are lodged.

Read the following resources for more information about community impact and community comment:

How to make community comment

Anyone making comment on a gaming machine licence application must:

  • be 18 years or older
  • have a proper interest in the area, and be likely to be directly affected by the granting of the licence
  • submit the comment in writing as an individual or as a group of members of the local community
  • clearly state the grounds for the comment
  • submit the comment before the closing date.

Community comment must be submitted in writing by the closing date to:

Executive Director
Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation
Locked Bag 180
Phone: (07) 3405 6451

Closing dates for submissions can be found at the liquor and gaming machine licence applications register – a list of all gaming applications currently open for comment. Copies of submissions (including the commenter's details) are forwarded to the applicant.

Under the Gaming Machine Act, anyone who has submitted a comment cannot appeal following the Commissioner's decision to grant or deny a licence.

Notification of an outcome

When making the decision to grant or refuse an application, the Commissioner considers all relevant submissions and data, including comments and representations from the community, police and council, and whether the application is in the public interest.

All parties, including those who have made comments or representations, are informed of the outcome. If comment is lodged in the form of a petition, only the petition sponsor will be notified (who may then notify the other petitioners).

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