Gaming machine audit program

The gaming machine audit assesses the gambling harm minimisation practices in place at your venue.

The audit aims to:

  • check your compliance with existing legislative requirements and the Queensland responsible gambling code of practice
  • better understand how strong the gambling harm minimisation culture is at your venue and the measures you have in place to provide your patrons with a safer gambling environment.

What the audit covers

The audit examines the following areas, including through conversations with venue leaders and staff.

Patron observations and management

  • How you detect signs of gambling harm, including through use of technology
  • Processes you use when you see signs of gambling harm
  • Strategies to build rapport with customers
  • Patron support

Harm minimisation resources

  • Customer Liaison Officer (CLO) availability
  • Processes for CLO and other staff to report concerns about gambling behaviours
  • Availability of harm minimisation materials for your patrons, including for patrons whose primary language is not English

Gambling Help Service (GHS)

  • How and when the GHS provider is engaged in supporting your harm minimisation program

Safer gambling controls

  • Safer gambling policy
  • Staff training—both accredited responsible service of gambling and periodic refresher training
  • Controls to prohibit extending credit to patrons (ATM, EFTPOS)

Corporate governance

  • Documented evidence of committee/board focus on safer gambling and relevant matters (e.g. through committee/board and senior management meeting minutes and reports)
  • Senior leadership or management's demonstration and promotion of a positive gambling harm minimisation culture