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Accounting packages, internet and email access

Under the Gaming Machine Act 1991 (s. 54B), clubs and hotels with gaming machines must meet minimum standards for gaming-related accounting packages, and internet and email access.

Accounting package - minimum standards

Forms (hotels)

Hotels must be able to produce the following forms:

Forms (clubs)

Clubs must be able to produce the following forms:

The forms must be in the approved format and be capable of recording all information that is prescribed by the Gaming Machine Regulation 2002.

To reduce the risk of transcription error, user-entered information must be captured at a single point and carried through the various documents (any necessary calculations having been completed by the accounting software).

Analysis of figures

Clubs and hotels must have the capacity to perform analysis of metered to reported figures and report any variances.

Retention of historical data

The accounting system must have the ability to retain the data necessary to produce regulatory forms for the current month and the previous 11 months. The system must enable you to immediately provide printed forms for this 12-month period to Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (OLGR) inspectors upon request.

The system must also retain or archive necessary data for the production of regulatory forms for the previous 5 years. For periods greater than 12 months previous, the system must enable the production of regulatory forms within 48 hours of being requested.

Access meters

Your accounting package must have direct access to, or be able to upload, meters from the monitoring system employed by the licensee.


Accounting packages must be located at the licensed premises, except where approval has been given for records (less than 12 months old) to be kept elsewhere, in which case the accounting package may be kept where the records are kept.

Approved accounting packages

Accounting packages must be approved by the licensing monitoring operator (LMO) or alternatively, please use the following account packages:

  • Wildcat
  • Tigar
  • Titan
  • Sentinel.

Accounting package - highly desirable features

  • Ability to submit forms to OLGR electronically in a format able to be viewed by OLGR (e.g. .PDF or .DOC format).
  • Ability to produce manual payment slips/vouchers.
  • Ability to generate reports identifying meter adjustments by the LMO.

Internet and email access - minimum standards


Internet and email must be accessible at the licensed premises, except where approval has been given for records (less than 12 months old) to be kept elsewhere, in which case the internet and email access need only be from the location that records are kept.

Account name

The internet account must be in the name of the licensee. This means that the licensee is identified as the account holder when the account is opened with the internet service provider. It does not mean that the email address needs to contain the name of the licensee.

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