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Rules ancillary to gaming

As part of the compliance obligations under the Gaming Machine Act 1991, Queensland gaming machine licensees must display the following 'rules ancillary to gaming' in each gaming area of their licensed premises.

Gaming Machine Act 1991 - Section 236 (Schedule 3 of the Regulation)

  1. A person under the age of 18 years must not play a gaming machine.
  2. A gaming employee may determine that 1 (one) gaming machine only may be played by a person at the same time.
  3. A gaming machine may be reserved by a person without play for a maximum period of 3 minutes.
  4. No person, other than a person permitted under the Act, is to touch an internal part of a gaming machine.
  5. A gaming employee must refuse to pay a cancelled credit or jackpot if he or she believes on reasonable grounds that:
    1. the gaming machine credits were not accumulated, or the winning combination was not obtained, during permitted hours of gaming under section 235 of the Act; or
    2. the person claiming the cancelled credit or jackpot payout is not the person entitled to the payment or a person acting on behalf of that person; or
    3. the Act has been contravened by the person claiming the cancelled credit or jackpot payout.
  1. If, under 5, a gaming employee refuses to make a payment, the gaming employee must as soon as practicable submit a report to the chief executive.
  2. (1) For section 242(2)(b) of the Act, a licensee required to make a payment to a player, for a cancelled credit or jackpot, that is more than the cash limit for the licensed premises is which the player became entitled to the payment must make the payment in one of the following ways:
    1. an amount equal to the cash limit in Australian currency and the balance of the payment by cheque
    2. if requested by the player
      1. an amount less than the cash limit in Australian currency and the balance of the payment by cheque; or
      2. the entire payment by cheque.
  1. (2) For sub item (1), the cash limit for the licensed premises is the amount, of not more than $5000, stated by the licensee in a document that is displayed adjacent to, and in the same way as, the rules ancillary to gaming for the licensed premises.
  1. (3) For making a payment under sub item (1):
    1. if part of the payment is in Australian currency - the licensee must pay the Australian currency when the player claims payment; and
    2. the licensee must give a cheque to the player or post it to the player's address, within 24 hours after the player claims payment.

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