Other requirements for importers and exporters


You must keep a record of each explosive you import or export. The record must include the:

  • proper shipping name and authorised name of the explosive
  • amount of explosive
  • date that the explosive was brought into Queensland or sent to another country
  • name of the explosive's consignee and consignor.

Representatives and agents

You must ensure that your representatives and agents are:

  • authorised to possess explosives
  • written into the security management system
  • competent in handling the explosive
  • aware of their obligations and relevant requirements under the Explosives Act 1999
  • trained in the hazards and properties of the explosive
  • able to recognise a dangerous situation
  • working within your safety and security management system and associated procedures.

The representative or agent must be available during the entire loading and unloading process. They must also be empowered and able to address and accept responsibility for you to fix any issues that may arise, including safety, security, quarantine and transport issues.

Making explosives available for inspection

At the request of an explosives inspector, you must make any explosive you import or export under your licence available for inspection.

You should expect that an inspector will be inspecting explosives imports, and that safety and non-compliance issues will be addressed immediately.

If an inspector identifies deficiencies and remediation is necessary, the receiving facility must be notified and given written instructions detailing the hazards and remediation process.

Inspecting all goods

If you import explosives, you must inspect all received explosives to confirm their quality and accuracy for quantity and product. You should sample and test imported explosives before supplying them to customers. Staff at a government explosives reserve may also check stored imported explosives before consignment.

Quarantine and fumigation

If your imported explosives need fumigating or quarantining, you must notify the Explosives Inspectorate immediately and provide the intended fumigation facility and written advice about the process they're using to handle and store the explosives prior to consigning from point of import.