Obligations of licence and permit holders

Obligations for licences

Licence holders:

Note: A licence or permit to import or export explosives does not allow you to purchase, sell, transport or store explosives.

Only the person who owns or will own the explosives at the time of export or import may do so. A third party will not receive a licence or permit to import or export the explosives.

Conditions on permits

Permits will be issued if any of the following apply:

  • the import or export is a one-off and not generally related to business
  • the explosives are destined for another country and being held in Queensland temporarily before being transported to the other country (if one-off case)
  • the explosives are for an importer licensed in another state or territory and were destined for that state or territory but were diverted to Queensland by the shipping company (not the importer).

Notice of intention

If you intend to import or export explosives to or from Queensland, you must notify the Chief Inspector of Explosives at least 7 days beforehand using the Import of explosives notification form or the Export of explosives notification form.

You are not required to notify of an intention to import or export explosives if the explosives is collectors' ammunition.

Ensure that you include:

  • the proper shipping name and authorised name of the explosives (including UN number and classification)
  • confirmation that the explosive is authorised in Queensland
  • the quantity of explosives, including the total NEQ
  • the point of entry or exit into or out of Queensland
  • the anticipated date of arrival or departure
  • name and address of the explosives consignor and consignee
  • name of the competent person, representative and agent
  • for ammonium nitrate imports, certificate of analysis demonstrating compliance with class 5.1 requirements.

An importer should submit a Request to store explosives at a government magazine form if they intend storing the incoming shipment.

An importer must advise the Explosives Inspectorate of any changes to the notified arrival times and discharge dates as soon as practical and any other issues that impact upon the import.

Exporting and importing collectors' ammunition

You won't need a separate licence or permit to export or import collectors' ammunition, as this is covered by the licence to collect ammunition.