Types of gambling-related exclusions

A patron can now set up a self-exclusion (including a multi-venue self-exclusion) remotely via a Gambling Help service, without physically entering a venue.

Gambling-related exclusions can be instigated in 2 ways:

1. Venue-initiated exclusion

Venue-initiated exclusions require you to complete Form 3D: Exclusion direction and Form 3I: Information notice - exclusion direction. Venue-initiated exclusions remain in place for 5 years unless the patron makes a written application to your venue and you agree to revoke the direction.

If you initiate the exclusion of a patron - or refuse an application for re-entry to your gambling venue by an excluded person - the patron may appeal to the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT).

2. Patron self-exclusion

Patrons have the right to self-exclude from a gambling venue, part of a gambling venue, or gambling activity, depending on the venue.

The self-exclusion process can be undertaken at a gambling venue, or it can be undertaken remotely (off-site) via Gambling Help Queensland.

How a patron can self-exclude at a venue

When a patron comes to you to self-exclude from your venue or gambling activity they must complete Form 3A: Self-exclusion notice and give it to you to process. You should then process their Form 3A as instructed in the resource manual for your respective industry.

You should inform your patron that self-exclusion is for a 5 year period and cannot be revoked, except within the 24 hour cooling-off period after they have received Form 3B: Self-exclusion order, or after at least 12 months after the person received Form 3B.

How a patron can self-exclude remotely (via a Gambling Help service)

A patron can also self-exclude from 1 or more venues without physically entering a venue. They can do this by seeking assistance from a Gambling Help service.

The process is similar to the in-venue self-exclusion process but includes additional steps to confirm the Gambling Help service is authorised to act on the person's behalf and to verify the person's identity. It also allows the person to self-exclude across multiple venues in the one process.

Read more about the remote gambling self-exclusion process for gaming venues.

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