Remote gambling self-exclusion process for gaming venues

As coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions are lifted and venues begin to reopen, it is important to support your customers to self-exclude from your gaming venue without having to physically attend it.

For some, the enforced ban has given time to handle issues with gambling and presents an opportunity to continue with a voluntary self-exclusion.

A self-exclusion that is processed without a person physically attending the venue is called 'remote self-exclusion', which is an important means of support for your customers.

A remote self-exclusion can be handled through Queensland's government-funded Gambling Help services (GHS), which provide free and confidential counselling and support across the state.

If you are contacted by a customer about remote self-exclusion (possibly from multiple venues), you can give them the contact details for your local GHS or the Gambling Helpline on 1800 858 858, which can refer the caller to the closest service.

Follow this step-by-step process when a GHS contacts your venue to process a self-exclusion.

Step 1 - Receive a Form 3A - Self-exclusion notice

  • A GHS will make contact with your venue to identify the most appropriate email address and contact person to receive the Form 3A.
  • The venue will be provided with the following documents by the GHS:

The GHS will discuss with the person what self-exclusion means, including that it is for a 5 year period and cannot be revoked except within the initial 24 hour cooling-off period, or after 12 months by completing a Form 3C - Revocation notice - self-exclusion order. They will also assist the person to identify appropriate venues (i.e. generally close to the person’s home or workplace, up to a maximum of 30 venues).

Step 2 - Complete a Form 3B - Self-exclusion order

  • When you receive the Form 3A, your venue is required to download and complete the current Form 3B and send this to the person promptly (fines may apply if you do not).
  • The completed Form 3B should be sent to the person and GHS by email (these email details are provided on the completed Form 3A).
  • Complete the Statement of service section on page 2 of the Form 3B. Put the email address of the person and the GHS in the 'at:____' field.
  • The 24 hour cooling-off period commences when you email the Form 3B back to the person and GHS.

Step 3 - Fill out Form 3G - Register of excluded persons

  • Your venue must retain the Form 3G onsite and make it available for inspection. Ensure a form is fully completed for each excluded person.
  • Venues are to send a Form 3R - Report on excluded persons containing information from the register to the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation every 6 months.

Step 4 - Remove the excluded patron from any promotional and advertising databases

  • An excluded person must not be sent any promotional or advertising material about the venue (fines may apply if you do).


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