Gaming machine money clearances and reporting requirements

As a gaming licensee, you are required to carry out money clearances of all gaming machines at your venue.

A monthly money clearance must be carried out after operations of gaming machines end on the last day of each month and before the start of operations on the first day of the next month.

Also, you must carry out periodic money clearances of each gaming machine at least 4 times a month. This should be done every 10 days at a minimum. (A monthly money clearance is taken to be one of the periodic money clearances).

A money clearance for a gaming machine includes the removal of gaming tokens (including Australian currency), other than tickets, from the cash box within the gaming machine.

Audit requirements for gaming machines

For each of your licensed premises, you must maintain accounting records, including monthly gaming machine reconciliation reports and financial year audits. You must also ensure a cash clearance report (Form 40) is completed immediately after a money clearance for a gaming machine.

Authority to open a gaming machine

The licensee of the licensed premises or an employee who attends to gaming machines are authorised to:

  • open machines
  • check gaming tokens inside the machine
  • remove gaming tokens from the cabinet or cash box.

Also, a person who is authorised to unlock or open a door of a gaming machine on licensed premises must lock or securely close the door before leaving the machine or on completion of the purpose for which the machine was unlocked or opened.

But you may request from us the approval to, for example:

  • remove the cash box from gaming machine at the end of the night (to be stored securely on site)
  • return the cash box to gaming machine the following morning (i.e. prior to its operation)
  • allow the door to the gaming machine to remain open in the interim.

Note: The door of the gaming machine must be locked following return of the cash box.

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