Petroleum lease

You can apply for a petroleum lease over an area of your authority to prospect (ATP) if you make a discovery that is currently commercially viable. If the lease is granted, the area is excised from the ATP.

Note: You can also apply for a petroleum lease in response to a call for tenders, in which case a pre-existing ATP is not required.

Permitted activities

A petroleum lease gives you the right to:

  • explore for petroleum
  • test for petroleum production
  • produce petroleum.

Environmental authorities

Before we grant a resource authority you will require the appropriate environmental authority.

Native title

Any native title requirements will need to be addressed before we grant an authority.

Main features of a petroleum lease

Prerequisite authorityAuthority to prospect (not required for tenders)
DurationMaximum of 30 years
SizeMaximum area of 75 sub-blocks
Rent{{ pass_35450 }} per km²
Application fee{{ pass_35462 }}

How to apply

You can apply online through MyMinesOnline or using a hard-copy form. You can also apply through a call for tenders.

Petroleum lease under the Petroleum Act 1923

If you hold an authority to prospect issued under the Petroleum Act 1923, you can apply to have a petroleum lease issued under that Act. A lease can be granted for a maximum of 30 years and a maximum area of 260km². The area applied for cannot be within the area of a coal or oil shale resource authority.

You must apply in writing and include the information detailed in s.40 of the Act. Contact us for more information before lodging this application.

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