Forms for mining and resources

Use the following forms to apply for or manage resource permits for minerals, coal, petroleum, gas, geothermal and greenhouse gas.

Before applying, check the application fees. You can lodge your application by mail or in person. Most applications can now be lodged online through MyMinesOnline.

Read our guides on applying for mineral and coal and petroleum and energy resource authorities and the relevant guidelines, policies and practice directions before completing your application.

Note: The following PDF forms do not meet accessibility requirements. If you require assistance to complete the forms, contact the Mines assessments hubs.


Apply for a new permit

Form number Form name
MMOL-01 Application for exploration permit mineral or coal (PDF, 1002.7KB) 
MMOL-11 Application for prospecting permit (PDF, 189.6KB)
MMOL-12 Application for mineral development licence (PDF, 520.9KB)
MMOL-13 Application for mining claim (PDF, 657.7KB)
MMOL-14 Application for mining lease (PDF, 590.1KB)
MMOL-15 Application for petroleum lease (non-tender) (PDF, 921.8KB)
MMOL-15A Application for production lease (tender) (PDF, 395.5KB)
MMOL-15B Application for production lease (non-tender) (PDF, 1.6MB)
MMOL-15C Application for permit-related GHG lease (PDF, 1000.5KB)
MMOL-16 Application for exploration permit petroleum, gas or geothermal (PDF, 632.6KB)
MMOL-17 Application for pipeline licence (PDF, 445.4KB)
MMOL-17A Application for pipeline licence (adjacent area) (PDF, 299.7KB)
MMOL-18 Application for petroleum facility licence (PDF, 749.1KB)
MMOL-19 Application for survey licence (PDF, 289.4KB)
MMOL-21 Application for data acquisition authority (PDF, 1.7MB)
MMOL-22 Application for potential, geothermal or storage area (PDF, 1.3MB)
MMOL-32 Application for a replacement tenure (PDF, 736.4KB)
MMOL-33 Application to divide granted authority to prospect or petroleum lease (PDF, 758.6KB)
MMOL-34 Application for a water monitoring authority (PDF, 375.4KB)

Apply to change permit area

Form number Form name
MMOL-26 Variation of access of mining claim, mineral development licence or mining lease (PDF, 1.1MB)
MMOL-27 Application for additional surface area on a mining lease (PDF, 298.7KB)
MMOL-31A Application for partial surrender of permit (PDF, 501.9KB)
MMOL-42 Application to include surface of restricted land (PDF, 190.4KB)
MMOL-45 Application to add a purpose or mineral to a mining lease (PDF, 140.0KB)

Change contact details for a permit

Form number Form name
MMOL-02 Change of address (PDF, 155KB) (PDF, 167.4KB)
MMOL-02A Appoint or change of address of an authorised holder representative (PDF, 144.1KB)
MMOL-03 Change of name (PDF, 177.2KB)
- Letter of authority for authorised holder representative template (DOCX, 33.9KB)

Geophysical surveys

Form number Form name
PM 1/2013 Notification of geophysical survey (PDF, 118.3KB)

Land access notices

Read about land access provisions for more information on how and when to use the notices

Form number Form name
Mines-01 Entry notice for private land (PDF, 213.8KB)
Mines-06 Entry notice for public land (PDF, 190.1KB)
Mines-07 Notice of entry to owner or occupier for boundary identification (PDF, 68.0KB)
Mines-08 ADR election notice   (PDF, 85.3KB)
Mines-09 Arbitration election notice   (PDF, 90.8KB)
Mines-10 Conference election notice   (PDF, 122.3KB)
Mines-11 Negotiation notice   (PDF, 221.4KB)
Mines-12 Entry notice for parcel prospecting permits (PDF, 49.2KB)
45(2) Opt-out agreement (DOCX, 92.3KB)
- Opt-out agreement – Information sheet (PDF, 231.5KB)
- ADR Facilitator letter of confirmation of appointment (PDF, 69.3KB)

Mineral and coal specific forms and notices

Form number Form name
- Advertisement template for Mining Lease Notice and Environmental Authority (current legislation) (DOCX, 33.5KB)
- Advertisement template for Mining Lease Notice and Environmental Authority (transitional provisions October 2013) (DOCX, 27.3KB)
- Advertisement template for Certificate of Public Notice and Environmental Authority (transitional provisions September 2016) (DOCX, 27.0KB)
- Advertisement for Mining Lease Notice (completed EIS process or no EA submission process) (DOCX, 25.4KB)
- Declaration of compliance for mining claim (DOCX, 59.4KB)
- Declaration of compliance for mining lease (DOCX, 57.9KB)
MRA-20 Objection form for mining lease application (PDF, 209.2KB)
MRA-20B Objection form for mining claim application (PDF, 120.5KB)
MMOL-40 Notice to owner of land for a mineral development licence (DOCX, 68.6KB)
MMOL-48 Notice to landowner – mineral development licence access varied (PDF, 61.2KB)

MyMinesOnline electronic lodgement forms

Form number Form name
- Consent of holders (PDF, 137.7KB)
- Declaration of transferees (PDF, 84.9KB)
- Consent of mortgagee (PDF, 143.6KB)
- Mining claim obligation history checklist (PDF, 276.3KB)
- Permit description template (PDF, 131.3KB)
- Adjoining authorities and land template (PDF, 104.9KB)
- Self-assessment calculator for small scale mining security (PDF, 1.1MB)
- Disqualification checklist (PDF, 263.9KB)

Petroleum, geothermal and greenhouse gas storage specific activities

Form number Form name
MMOL-24 Application to amend a licence (PDF, 620.7KB)
MMOL-25 Application for special amendment to authority to prospect (PDF, 475.5KB)
MMOL-30 Application to change production commencement day (PDF, 169.1KB)
MMOL-36 Application for permission to enter land for the purpose of exercising rights under a Pipeline Licence or Petroleum Facility Licence (Part 5 permission) (PDF, 410.7KB)
MMOL-41 Notice to decide authorised activity (PDF, 151.3KB)
PA-42 Notice of intention to convert a petroleum well to a water observation bore or water supply bore (PDF, 138.4KB)
PA-21A Notice of intention to carry out seismic survey or scientific or technical survey (PDF, 664.1KB)
PA-22A Notice of completion of seismic survey or scientific or technical survey (PDF, 175.2KB)
GEN-02 Application for approval to amend a work program (PDF, 155.9KB)
GEN-05 Application to amend a development plan (PDF, 261.8KB)
PM 2/2013 Request for Minister to approve production testing or extended production testing (PDF, 215.9KB)

Renew a permit

Form number Form name
MMOL-10 Application to renew a permit (PDF, 337.8KB)

Request a change to the permit conditions

Form number Form name
MMOL-29 Application to conduct drilling and other activities on land not included in surface area on a mining lease (PDF, 222.6KB)
MMOL-39 Application to amend relinquishment condition (PDF, 293.0KB)
MMOL-47 Application for extension of last renewed term of an exploration permit (PDF, 268.5KB)
- Variation to permit conditions of an exploration permit (PDF, 149.9KB)

Reviews and appeals under resource legislation

Form number Form name
MMOL-46 Application review (PDF, 194.0KB)

Submit a dealing on a permit

Form number Form name
MMOL-04 Transfer by death or operation of law (PDF, 614.7KB)
MMOL-05 Application to transfer (PDF, 403.1KB)
MMOL-05A Application to transfer a mining claim (PDF, 767.2KB)
MMOL-06 Registration of a mortgage or sublease or release of a mortgage (PDF, 217.2KB)
MMOL-07 Register a transfer of shares between holders or transfer a mortgage or sublease (PDF, 183.4KB)
MMOL-08 Caveat (PDF, 269.3KB)
MMOL-08A Consent of caveator (PDF, 195.9KB)

Submit an agreement, program or plan for a permit

For work program templates please see our development plans and work programs guide.

Form number Form name
MMOL-09 Record an associated agreement (PDF, 184.6KB)
MMOL-37 Coordination arrangement (PDF, 104KB) (PDF, 345.2KB)
- Targeted production figures template for later development plan (XLSX, 19.2KB)
PA-18A Lodging a prescribed agreement (PDF, 309.1KB)
- Expenditure statement template - exploration permit (PDF, 159.3KB)
- Expenditure statement template - mineral development licence (PDF, 2.7MB)

Surrender a permit

Form number Form name
MMOL-31 Application for total surrender of a permit (PDF, 228.1KB)

Water-related activities

Form number Form name
MMOL-43 Notification of transfer of water injection, monitoring, observation or supply bore
(PDF, 128.9KB)
MMOL-44 Notice of decommissioning a well, water observation bore, water monitoring bore or water supply bore
(PDF, 121.4KB)
WRA-03A Notification of transfer of petroleum well to holder of geothermal exploration permit or mining tenement (PDF, 150.6KB)
WRA-05A Notification of conversion of petroleum well to water supply bore (PDF, 181.7KB)
MMOL-38 Application to amend a water monitoring authority (PDF, 492.1KB)
WRA-07A Request for a trigger threshold (PDF, 200.1KB)


For details about fees, refer to the schedule of fees in the relevant resource legislation.