Applying for a new mineral or coal resource authority

Application process for coal and mineral resource authorities in Queensland.


Interacting with the Queensland Government for your resources project

The resource application flowchart has been developed to assist prospective holders of resource authorities in Queensland to navigate the application process.

Application process for resource authorities

Application process for resource authorities for Queensland mining and resource exploration, development or production.

Small-scale mining

Find out how to apply for small-scale mining claims.

Fossicking in Queensland

Information on the rules and responsibilities of fossicking.

Mineral and coal authorities

Find out how to apply for an exploration permit, prospecting permit, mineral development licence or mining lease.

Environmental authorities for mining projects

How to apply for an environmental authority and meet your environmental obligations for Queensland mining activities.

Native title

Find out about native title obligations for mining and resources, including the application process and negotiating.

Lodging your application

Find out how to lodge a resource authority application online, by post or in person.

Development plans and work programs

Templates and guides for preparing work programs and development plans for resource authority applications in Queensland.

Land constraints

Types of land on which mining and exploration activities may be prohibited or restricted.

Mining lease application notices

View mining lease application notices and object to any mining lease application lodged with the Department of Resources.

Recently granted resource authorities

A list of tenures granted during each month. The list details the permits, leases and licences granted.

Water authorisations

Read about the current water authorisation requirements for resource authorities, as well as transitional provisions when legislation was amended in 2016.