Interacting with the Queensland Government for your resources project

Planning and developing a resources project in Queensland can involve many different regulatory requirements before mining can commence. To assist prospective holders of resource authorities in Queensland, the government has prepared the following to help applicants navigate the Queensland regulatory pathways.

Thumbnail of resource application process flowchart

Resource application process overview

The process overview flowchart reflects the high-level approval pathways for proposed resource projects through the Queensland legislative framework. The flowchart identifies what processes need to be done in a particular order and what processes can occur in parallel.

The flowchart covers approval pathways required to facilitate resource projects, including:

  • resource authorities
  • environmental impact assessment (under either the Environmental Protection Act 1994 and State Development and Public Works Organisation Act 1971)
  • tenure
  • environmental authorities.

This is designed to give you a high-level overview of the approval pathways that exist and guidance on each step.

Download the Resource application process flowchart (PDF, 282KB).


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