Policies and guidelines for mining and resources

Use our mining policies and guidance material to help you complete your application forms and comply with the requirements of your resource authority. Click on a heading to either expand or collapse the heading content.

Information on using MyMinesOnline to lodge your applications is included in the guidelines where applicable.

Operational policies

Mineral and coal policies





Petroleum and gas policies

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Practice manual

Practice manual

The practice manual provides guidance on the provision of information for tenure administration.

Practice numberTitleVersion
Practice direction 1 Submission of geophysical survey data under resource legislation (PDF, 84KB) 2.3
Practice direction 2 Production and/or storage testing (PDF, 169KB) 2.1
Practice direction 3 Submission of statistical data relating to coal production and sales (PDF, 220KB) 2.3
Practice direction 4 Boundary identification for mining resource authorities (PDF, 227KB) 2.3
Practice direction 5 Minerals and coal reporting (PDF, 474KB) 1.3
Practice direction 6 Petroleum and gas reporting (PDF, 2MB) 1.1
Practice direction 7 Submission of Minerals Annual Statistics relation to production and sales
(PDF, 332KB)