Potential commercial area

You can apply to have an area of your authority to prospect (ATP) declared as a potential commercial area (PCA) so that you can evaluate the potential production and market opportunities for the resource.

The PCA is a way of retaining an area of your ATP beyond its term to provide extra time to commercialise the resource. The maximum term for an ATP is 12 years, while the declaration for the PCA can be for up to 15 years.

When you apply for a PCA, you must include a commercial viability report that shows that the area is likely to be commercially viable within 15 years. You must also include an evaluation program showing how you will overcome any factors inhibiting the commercial viability of the project.

See our policy for declaration of a potential commercial area (PDF, 151KB) for more information.

When an area is declared as a PCA, it remains part of the ATP. When the PCA expires, the declared area ceases to be part of the original ATP.

Amalgamation of 2 or more PCAs

You can apply to amalgamate 2 or more PCAs within the area of your ATP. As for the declaration of a PCA, the declaration of the amalgamated PCA can be for up to 15 years.

Main features of a PCA

Prerequisite authority Authority to prospect
Duration Maximum of 15 years

An application for a PCA and an amalgamated PCA can be made for the whole or part of an ATP area

There is no limit on the number of PCAs that can be declared for each ATP

Renewable No
Application fee{{ pass_35459 }}

How to apply

Complete an application form and lodge it through MyMinesOnline or a mines lodgement office.

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