Native title

Find out about native title obligations for mining and resources, including the application process and negotiating.


Native title for mining and resources

Native title obligations for mining and exploration resource authority applicants in Queensland.

Expedited procedure

Read the process for using the expedited procedure to resolve native title issues and access the forms you’ll need as you progress.

Right to negotiate

Read about how to use the right-to-negotiate process to address native title issues

Indigenous land use agreements

Indigenous land use agreements (ILUAs) enable parties to resolve native title issues through negotiation rather than litigation.

Combined native title processes

You may combine native title application processes in special situations.

Advertising requirements

Advertising requirements for the native title expedited procedure and right-to-negotiate process, including costs and time frame.

Section 29 notices for native title

View current and past public notices for proposed Queensland mining and exploration resource authorities.

Get assistance with native title

Contact details for Native Title Services, who administers the native title requirements for all mining and petroleum resource authorities.

Native title guidelines for mining and resources

Read the mining policies and guidance material to help you comply with the requirements of your resource authority.