Authority to prospect

To explore for petroleum, oil, coal seam gas and natural gas in Queensland, you must hold a current authority to prospect (ATP).

Permitted activities

An ATP allows you to:

  • explore for petroleum
  • test for petroleum production
  • evaluate the feasibility of petroleum production
  • evaluate or test natural underground reservoirs for the storage of petroleum or a prescribed storage gas.

Environmental authorities

Before we grant a resource authority you will require the appropriate environmental authority.

Native title

Any native title requirements will need to be addressed before we grant an authority.

Main features of an ATP

Prerequisite authorityNA
DurationMaximum of 12 years
SizeMaximum area of 100 blocks
Rent{{ pass_35449 }} per sub-block
Application fee{{ pass_35455 }}

Australian domestic market supply condition

An Australian market supply condition may be attached to an authority to prospect.

The condition means that the authority holder must only sell gas produced from the tenure (or a subsequent lease) to customers within Australia. The objective is to increase gas supplies and lower prices for domestic users.

Refer to the Operational policy - Complying with the Australian market supply condition (PDF, 663KB) for details of how the requirements of the condition can be met.

How to apply

You can apply through a call for tenders.

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