Obligations of licence holders

If you have a licence to sell explosives in Queensland, you must:

  • sell only to people who have a licence to sell, store or use the explosive (not fireworks), or are authorised under the Explosives Regulation 2017 for the explosives endorsed on the licence
  • not sell an explosive in a public place
  • stop buying, possessing, storing and selling small arms ammunition if you cancel a licence to sell small arms ammunition, unless you're a licensed firearms dealer under the Weapons Act 1990
  • keep records of explosives you buy and sell
  • have a safety management system and security plan if the explosives are security-sensitive explosives, which means they're
    • a blasting explosive
    • a propellant powder
    • fireworks other than unrestricted fireworks
    • a pyrotechnic substance used in a firework
    • security-sensitive ammonium nitrates
    • ammunition filled with high explosive.