Requirements of fireworks contractors and operators

Qualifications of a fireworks contractor

To qualify as a fireworks contractor, you must:

  • be at least 21 years old
  • have at least 3 years' experience and conducted at least 40 fireworks displays as a fireworks operator for various display types and sizes
  • be competent and have completed an approved course of training as a fireworks contractor
  • have sufficient public liability insurance
  • have a safety and security management system for all fireworks activities to be undertaken.

A fireworks contractor must have a system that incorporates and demonstrates knowledge of the categories of fireworks display listed on their licence, namely:

Fireworks contractors must be competent at:

  • being a fireworks operator
  • choosing suitable fireworks display sites
  • conducting fireworks displays
  • identifying hazards and risks, and analysing, assessing and managing risk
  • developing and applying a safety and security management system
  • work health and safety
  • organisational management.

As a fireworks contractor, you must also ensure that all other people involved in the fireworks display (including the fireworks operator) are trained and competent.

Fireworks contractors must notify the Explosives Inspectorate:

Also, read more information about submitting a display site plan (PDF, 158KB).

Qualifications of a fireworks operator

To qualify as a fireworks operator, you must:

  • be an adult
  • be physically able to perform the duties of a fireworks operator
  • be medically fit to the standards of commercial vehicle drivers for dangerous goods
  • hold a current first aid certificate
  • have completed a training course for outdoor fireworks displays or be able to demonstrate that you're competent for other fireworks categories
  • have demonstrated knowledge of relevant legislation and the listed categories of fireworks displays on your licence:

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