Obligations for licensed shotfirers

Download checklists to help you meet your shotfirer obligations.

Licensed shotfirers must:

  • use explosives as required by the Australian Standard AS2187 Part 2 or an alternative safety measure for the standard
  • take reasonable precautions to
    • prevent misfires
    • minimise the risk of material being projected beyond the exclusion zone (flyrock)
    • minimise excessive noise
    • minimise the adverse effects of ground vibration and shock waves
    • ensure the security of an explosive used in blasting activities
  • keep a record of the amount and type of explosives they buy and use
  • keep a record of each blast conducted
  • not use an explosive after either the manufacturer's recommended shelf life or the approved, extended shelf life.

Notifying an inspector before blasting

By law, a shotfirer must notify an explosives inspector in writing of any blasting activity (other than at a mine site, a quarry, down-hole wells for oil and gas, or an explosives factory) at least 7 days before the intended blasting activity.

Use the Blasting activity notification form for each blasting activity or project (which may cover a number of blasts over a period of time).

Shotfirers on mine sites

Sometimes a person may work as a shotfirer on a mine site without a shotfirer licence. By law, a site senior executive or underground mine manager may appoint a shotfirer who meets the criteria to become a licensed shotfirer.