Penalties for allowing under-age drinking and minors on licensed premises

On licensed premises (or on a street or place adjacent to licensed premises such as the area around bottle shops), minors cannot be:

  • sold liquor
  • supplied liquor or allowed to be supplied liquor
  • allowed to consume liquor.

It is also an offence for a minor to be on licensed premises unless they are an 'exempt minor'. Licensees and staff are required to ensure that non-exempt minors are not on the premises and to remove them from the venue as soon as they are found.

Both the licensed venue and the minor can be penalised for breaching the law.

The penalties listed below are current as at 1 July. The values change each year on this date.

Penalties for selling alcohol to a minor


Selling alcohol to a minor

$38,700 for the licensee, permit holder or approved manager

$12,384 for any other person

Supplying or allowing the supply of alcohol to a minor

Allowing a minor to drink alcohol

Allowing non-exempt minors to enter or remain on the premises

$15,480 for the licensee, permit holder, another person in control of the premises or any employee

Read more about penalties for irresponsible service of alcohol.

Penalties for minors

Penalties apply for the minor too, so by removing them from the premises you are doing them a favour!


Attempting to enter a licensed premises after being refused


Refusing to leave a licensed premises

Being on licensed premises when not exempt


Drinking alcohol on licensed premises

To learn more, read our penalties for allowing minors on premises and under-age drinking guide.

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