Detecting minors on licensed premises

You are responsible for ensuring that no minor is sold or supplied, or consumes, alcohol at your licensed venue or on a street or place adjacent to licensed premises. For example, a bottle shop where minors may ask adults to buy them liquor.

Minors often appear older than they are and you should check the identification (ID) of any person who appears to be under 25.

Monitoring venues for minors

Effective monitoring and collaboration between security, floor staff and bar staff reduces the chance of a minor slipping through illegally. Licensees and approved managers should ensure the appropriate number of staff and security work each shift to enable them to monitor the venue.

Staff moving among patrons, such as glass collectors or security, are in a good position to detect minors drinking while underage and/or illegally visiting licensed premises.

Removing detected non-exempt minors from licensed premises

If you suspect a non-exempt minor is in the licensed venue, or a minor is consuming or seeking to be served alcohol, check their acceptable form of ID. If they are under-age, immediately inform them they need to leave the venue. Also inform other venue staff including security.

When asked to exit the venue, the minor must leave immediately. If they refuse to leave, reasonable force can be used to remove them from the licensed premises.

Your licensed venue may also have best practice procedures in place that guide staff on how to deal with minors and underage drinking. You are responsible for being aware of the procedures of your venue.

Exempt minors

Staff should be made aware of any exempt minors on premises. This allows staff to monitor the minors to ensure they do not obtain or consume alcohol.

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