What to look for when checking ID

It is important to check the ID of any person who is on licensed premises and appears to be under 25 (excluding exempt minors as defined in the minors and the responsible service of alcohol refresher).

To ensure you don't miss a false hard copy ID:

  • Ask patrons to remove ID from wallets and purses for inspection.
  • Take the ID card from the patron and examine in a well-lit area where any tampering/alterations will be more obvious – take your time to examine the ID thoroughly.
  • Feel around the photo, birth date and edges of the card, especially cards enclosed in plastic. (Anything unusual such as pin pricks, lifted laminate, laminate that's thicker than usual, glued-on photographs, wrinkles, bumps and air bubbles could mean the ID has been tampered with.)
  • Check for any smudges or possible blurring of the typed date of birth.
  • Check the birth date on the ID and confirm the patron is over 18.
  • Look at the photograph and ensure it matches the patron presenting the ID.
  • Check the eye colour and height are correct, when noted on the ID.
  • Note the built-in security features for each ID card (e.g. hologram).
  • Verify the personal details by asking the person to state some details from the ID (e.g. address, year and month of birth).
  • Where necessary, ask the person to sign their name on a blank piece of paper which can then be compared with the signature on the ID.
  • Be extra alert to ID marked as 'duplicate' or of a type you are less familiar with (e.g. foreign drivers licence).

To check a digital ID:

  • compare the photo with the person presenting the ID, ensuring they are the same
  • check that the date of birth confirms the person is over 18 years (some forms of ID can be issued to people under 18)
  • identify the security features of each type of ID (for example, shake to animate, QR code or refreshing of the security features) and use the appropriate verification techniques.

For more information about checking digital ID and their security and validation features, read Digital ID.

Remember, if you have any doubts about the person being at least 18, refuse entry and refuse service.

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Read identification (ID) for all patrons for more information.

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