Acceptable proof of age for licensed premises

The Liquor Act 1992 specifies the forms of personal identification (ID) that licensees, staff and security can rely on when checking a person's age, including:

These can be hard copy ID or digital ID.

The ID must be current and have a photograph of the person and their date of birth.

If you fail to properly check ID for proof of age and an offence involving a minor happens on your premises you may be liable for penalties.

Expired Queensland driver licences and renewal receipts

Queensland driver licence holders who have renewed their licence but are still awaiting the arrival of their new licence in the post can present their expired driver licence for scanning or ID checking, however, the licence must be presented along with a Department of Transport and Main Roads (DTMR) Driver Licence Renewal Receipt.

There is no obligation on licensed premises to accept the receipt if they did not wish the person to enter. Entry is at the licensee's discretion.

Foreign driver licence requirements

A foreign driver licence may be accepted as evidence of age provided it has a photo and the licence-holder's date of birth.

If the licence is not written in English, the licence holder should present an international driver permit issued in the foreign country of origin (and including a photo of the licence holder and translation) with their foreign driver licence.

Accepting other forms of ID

The forms of ID listed above are acceptable evidence of age under the Liquor Act and accepting them provides you with some degree of legal protection.

If a licensee, an employee or crowd controller accepts another form of ID (that is not acceptable evidence of age), or fails to check ID, they may not be able to claim a defence under the Liquor Act that they had an honest and reasonable belief that the minor concerned was 18 years or over.

Read about what other penalties for allowing under-age drinking and minors on licensed premises.

ID scanning at licensed premises

Licensees in safe night precincts (SNPs) are required to operate ID scanners at each entry to their licensed premises (unless exempt).

If you are obliged to operate an ID scanner you must scan patron's ID when they first enter your licensed venue after 10pm, and every time they re-enter after that.

Licensees of venues that are not required by law (or licence condition) to scan ID can opt in to networked ID scanning.

Learn more about scanning digital ID and the use of ID scanners in licensed venues.

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