Tips for running a successful liquor accord

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Help minimise alcohol and gambling-related harm, receive updates, discuss important issues, and connect with other licensees and government agencies.

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Create a relaxed atmosphere

Aim for a relaxed, open forum where participants feel comfortable asking questions and sharing their views. Leave some time before or after meetings for attendees to network and get to know each other over a coffee or light snack.

Meet regularly and have virtual meetings if you need to

Hold meetings quarterly at a minimum. To demonstrate your accord's commitment to regular meetings, consider distributing a list of dates at the start of the year so everyone knows the schedule. Meeting times should suit attendees.

If in-person meetings become difficult to arrange, consider providing a virtual meeting link for those who can't attend in-person. Virtual meetings are easy to set up and can be recorded for members who can't attend.

Encourage membership—the more the merrier

Many different liquor and gaming licensees make up Queensland's vibrant industry, including artisan producers, community clubs, restaurants, hotels and bars. Preferably, accord membership should comprise a mix of licensee types.

Consider promotions and membership drives that encourage all licensee types to join your accord. Ideally, there should be something at your meetings relevant to everyone.

Be curious, ask questions, seek feedback

Seek regular feedback from your members—this will allow your accord to make necessary changes that ensure their active participation. For example, if participation and engagement from members is starting to decline, there may be a simple explanation like your meeting times are no longer suitable, or perhaps members no longer perceive the value in attending.

Use this survey template to seek feedback from members about how to improve their participation. The results can help you start a meaningful and focused discussion.

Make the most of guest speakers

Ask your members to submit questions and topics they'd like stakeholders (or guest speakers) to cover at the next meeting. This gives speakers time to prepare helpful responses.

Members who submit questions are also more likely to attend the meeting to hear the answers. This will help keep attendance and engagement levels high.

Develop relevant and manageable strategies

Your accord's strategies should be practical and not place any unreasonable demands or expectations on members or stakeholders. Members and stakeholders should see benefits from the strategies you adopt.

Implementing a patron banning policy may be a great place to start.

Check in with other liquor accords to see what strategies have worked well for them.

Incorporate training and presentations

Keep your members engaged and ensure your venue staff have the skills and resources to perform their roles effectively by incorporating training and presentations into your meetings.

Be open to tackling other issues

Liquor accords can address more than just liquor-related issues. Accords can also play an important role in promoting safer gambling practices and reducing gambling-related harm. Consider adding responsible service of gambling (RSG) as a standing or periodic agenda item at your meetings.

Your members may also be interested in topics outside the liquor and gaming space, for example, new initiatives aimed at improving local businesses, or marketing presentations from businesses looking to promote their products. They can help you keep informed about what is happening in your area and local community.

Choose strong leaders with drive

At the heart of every successful accord is often a strong leader (or working group) with the motivation and drive to ensure their accord plays an integral part in their community. Choosing the right people to lead your accord will help ensure it remains in place for many years to come.

Join the Queensland liquor accords Facebook group

The Queensland liquor accords Facebook group provides a platform for accords and liquor licensees to share ideas and develop innovative solutions to problems they're facing.

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