Safe night precincts

Safe night precincts (SNPs) were created as a Queensland Government initiative to reduce late-night drug and alcohol-related violence. SNPs exist in key entertainment areas across Queensland.

SNPs are designed to achieve cultural change around drinking behaviour, promote responsible drinking practices and ensure a safe environment in and around Queensland's licensed venues.

SNPs are managed by local boards operating as incorporated associations. These boards manage and plan for the precinct to deal with various community safety issues.

Funding from two pools are available for local boards to establish and maintain SNPs – seed funding and operational funding.

The Minister must review each safe night precinct to consider whether they continue to achieve the purposes they were set up for under the Liquor Act 1992. An initial review must be started as soon as practicable after the commencement of the Criminal Code (Consent and Mistake of Fact) and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2020, with further reviews to be started no later than 3 years after the previous review is completed.

This guide provides an overview of SNPs, where you'll find them, trading hours, networked ID scanning for late-trading venues, information for local boards, and how and when to apply for SNP funding.