Trading hours within safe night precincts

Late-trading venues located in all safe night precincts (SNPs) are able to sell alcohol until 3am. (Venues outside of SNPs can serve alcohol until 2am where approved.)

Licensees must hold extended trading hours approval to continue selling alcohol past these times.

Patrons have a 30-minute grace period after last drinks are called to finish their alcoholic beverages.

Venues can remain open after they cease liquor service to serve food, non-alcoholic beverages and provide entertainment.

Applying for approved extended liquor trading hours

Venues must hold extended trading hours approval to trade until the above-mentioned times. For example, if your venue is currently approved to trade until 1am and you wish to trade longer, you will need to apply for extended trading hours.

Extending trade past 12 midnight on a permanent basis

If a venue wants to sell alcohol after 12 midnight, and is not currently approved to do so, they will need to apply for extended trading hours approval.

One-off extended trading hour permits

Licensees are able to apply for up to 6 one-off extended trading hour permits (to trade past 12 midnight) per year.

The maximum number of liquor extended trading hours permits that may be granted for a particular licensed premises are:

  • 6 dates in a calendar year for trading between 12 midnight and 5am
  • 4 dates in any 12-month period for pre-10am trading.

If approved, these permits allow licensees to extend the service of alcohol up to 5am for one-off occasions. Lock out conditions may be imposed.

Under section 5 of the Liquor Regulation 2002, an application for an extended hours permit must be made at least 21 days before the day of the event. Applications lodged with the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation less than 21 days before the event will not be processed.

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